Collect DuDe Family NFTs on OpenSea.io

A retired Mexican cartel boss and his family moved to California and Florida in the United States of America…


Collect DuDe Family NFTs on OpenSea.io


A retired Mexican cartel boss and his family moved to California and Florida in the United States of America…



The Story

DuDe’s Dad, a retired cartel boss, and his family took a leap of faith and completely rewrote their life stories. Deciding that the fast-paced life of being a Mexican cartel boss would be his and his family’s undoing, he settled on the US as their would-be safe haven.

Knowing that the sins of his past might follow him, he split his family up between the East and West coast, with some of his familia settling down in California and others setting up a home base around him in the Sunshine State of Florida.

With the sounds of bullets ricocheting off nearby buildings and police choppers whirring over their heads long behind them, the DuDe family began rebuilding their lives in the Land of the Free.

No longer living in fear of drug hunters, they found the American Dream to be more than they could have ever hoped for.

The children in this family were able to go to school like normal kids while everyone got to work normal 9-5’s, feeling as safe as houses. They had successfully overhauled the way they lived.

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DuDe’s Family


DuDe is the baby of the family. He saw just how damaging the life his father had lived can be.

Now that he’s safe and sound in America, he wants nothing more than to help impoverished families in his home country and around the world escape the clutches of capitalist evil and live financially free lives.

DuDe NFTs DuDe character.
DuDe NFTs Mommy character.

DuDe’s Mom

She is the mother you don’t want to mess with. She is prolifically protective over her family and will stop at nothing to ensure their safety.

As a daughter of the Army General, she packs a mean right hook and can pick a fly off a moose’s ear from more than 600 yards away.

DuDe’s Dad

DuDe’s Dad is the family’s pillar of strength, although he turns to his beloved wife for just about every important decision he makes.

After being subjected to a life of abject poverty as a child and having to work on the plantations just to help his mom and dad put food on the table, he vowed to bring his family up out of the dusty confines of his village. Little did he know that this would lead him to a life of villainy and bullet-dodging.

DuDe NFTs Daddy character.
DuDe NFTs Sista character.

DuDe’s Sista

She is DuDe’s only sibling and the rivalry between them is palpable.

As the would-be heir to her father’s fortune and a moody teenager at that, she often wonders why her parents had decided to have another baby in the midst of the chaos of fleeing Mexico.

Don’t get her twisted though! She loves that little DuDe and would do anything for him.

DuDe’s Uncle

DuDe’s Uncle (aka The Sniper), DuDe’s Dad’s brother, was stationed under the Mexican Army General and introduced DuDe’s Mom and Dad to each other.

Despite losing his left eye to the General’s wrath – having found out that his beloved daughter was getting cozy with “The Sniper’s” peasant brother – he can still outmatch DuDe’s Mom’s shooting skills.

DuDe NFTs Uncle character.
DuDe NFTs Auntie character.

DuDe’s Auntie on Drugs and Icecream

Turns out the lady has a penchant for snow of all varieties.

As the DuDe’s Dad’s sister, she’s landed him in a lot of hot water over missing shipments that conveniently found their way up her nose instead of to their intended destinations. She’s part of the reason they’re here though, so she’s got that going for her.

DuDe’s Grandma

She is a lover of fine things. As her son elevated his family to heights that they had never dreamed possible, she has grown accustomed to being a lady of luxury.

She’s seen a great many horrible things in her time on this earth, so don’t let her age fool you. She’s still as tough as they come.

After a brief stint on the West Coast for her own protection, she’s happy to be reunited with her son in Florida.

DuDe NFTs Grandma character.
DuDe NFTs Grandpa character.

DuDe’s Granddad

DuDe’s Granddad is in his twilight years and can hardly hear a grenade going off right next to him, yet he always finds a way to hear the right things at the right time – chiming into family conversations with pearls of wisdom when everyone least expects it.

From farm hand to father of a Cartel Boss, he’s been through enough to fill 3 lifetimes.

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DuDe Coin

DuDe Coin was created to support the unfortunate people around the world.

DuDe is availabe on CoinStore.com

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The Evolution of Memes

What’s In a Meme?

We all know what memes are. I mean memes, along with emojis, are practically the hieroglyphics of our generation.

If you want the dictionary definition, then a meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads using imitation from person to person within a culture and often carries symbolic meaning representing a particular phenomenon or theme.

We’ve used memes to add value to our lives for centuries. Yeah, we bet you thought our generation were the cool ones who invented memes.

Sure, we made them way cooler and way more mainstream, but memes have been around since the 1920s. From the 1993 Got Milk meme to the 1996 Dancing Baby and all the way up to Pepe the Sad (now controversial) frog, memes have shaped the way that we connect with one another.

They bring a lighter atmosphere to dark times and allow us to talk about what’s going on around us. And, just like music, memes are quickly becoming a universal language.

Meme coins are no different but the great thing with digital memes and meme coins of our era is that we can monetize this social connective tissue and use it for the greater good. With a number of meme coins showing signs of 2,000,000% rallies, it’s easy to see how a few dollars can add up to a fortune practically overnight.

Woah! We almost bored you to sleep there. Let’s simplify it a bit:

A gene is for biological evolution and a meme is for social evolution.

NFTs Explained – What Are They?

First off, NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token.

Non-Fungible means unique, it can’t be copied, replaced, or divided. Token simply implies it’s an asset. So NFT’s are digital assets that represent real-life items such as Music, Videos, and Artwork that are unique.

If someone wants to create artwork of a cat on the internet, it’s no different than someone painting a picture of that cat in real life. The artwork is the same. The artist is the same. However, the means of transacting and storing are very different.

So, Why Are NFTs Valuable?

Real NFTs Ownership

As we just mentioned, NFTs are unique. And the greatest benefit NFTs have is in their tracking process where the Buyer and Seller are digitally recorded.

Much like another type of cryptocurrency, NFT’s use blockchain technology to record this data.

This means there is ONE true owner of the digital asset and there is no disputing it.

To prove why this is effective, let’s try an example.

Let’s say the famous Mona Lisa painting goes on sale in REAL LIFE. An auction process starts at $100,000 and the bidding ends with a winner at 50 Million Dollars.

The winner of the auction is given the Mona Lisa painting and they draw up a certificate of authenticity to go with it.

You now have the real, original painting and you can prove its legitimacy.

Now, If you go to a museum and see copies of the Mona Lisa being sold at the Gift Shop for $10, you aren’t worried in the slightest. You have the REAL and ORIGINAL artwork. The other duplicates are essentially worthless. But yours holds TREMENDOUS value.

NFTs are no different, except the fact that this whole process occurs on the internet.

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NFTs Explained – Community

Once you purchase NFTs, you become a part of its community. And the idea of community is extremely important because this is what will drive the increase in popularity and sustainability of the NFTs marketplace.

The more people focus on NFTs, the more NFTs will grow. Developers, payment methods, buyers, sellers, creators. It takes a giant act from the outside world to create a community that supports NFTs.

At MBMX UNIVERSE, our goal is to educate YOU and assist in the development of the NFT community. Because as the community grows in the eyes of the public, we all win.

The Future of NFTs

And Where is this Headed Today?

NFT’s are becoming wildly popular in today’s world.

It’s no longer just about digital cats and obscure paintings from random internet personalities.

No, it’s become much more.

Sports Gambling Megasite Draftkings opened up an NFT Marketplace where the public can purchase a variety of sports-related NFTs.

Can you imagine OWNING a unique Tom Brady Autograph? That’s currently starting at $115,000.00

Superstar DJ Steve Aoki created a digital music project that sold for over $4,000,000.

The opportunities are endless and this provides a massively successful and efficient way for artists to connect with the public.

No more rip-offs and copyright issues. Just clean and fair business. Everyone wins.

Join the Movement

It’s important to us to inform YOU about this cosmic change in finance. What we all knew about old-school investing is quickly on the brink of a revolution as modern technology takes over.

We operate on an unchangeable and incorruptible blockchain and is therefore 100% safe and secure.

We hope you have been inspired by our “NFTs Explained” information.

The Gold mine is here.

We want YOU to join the movement.

So, start digging NOW!

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